Stop Bullying Now!

What is Bullying?

Bullying is a major problem in our society today. About 80 percent of the kids at Elm Place Middle School have been bullied. Have you ever put yourself in the victims shows? How do you think they feel?
This link will take you to our anonymous online website and blog:
There are many forms of bullying. The two that we are focusing on are, bullying and cyber bullying. They both have different meanings but they give similar effects.
This year, our Project Citizen topic is Bullying and Cyber Bullying! We have come up with many solutions to help stop bullying. These are the ones we decided to do; create a handout for the incoming 6th graders, an anonymous online site to report bullying, anti bullying bands (bracelets), an anti-bullying lesson becoming a part of a class, and we also came up with an original solution, bullying police.