Stop Bullying Now!

This is…

This is Jordyn G. and Hannah M.

Hannah: I get credit for creating and editing the website, filming a couple of the videos, researched charities to Stop Bullying, I also made our anonymous online website, and did a little bit of the class policy and action plan, and I did the work that needed to be added at the last minute.

Jordyn: I created the Bibliographic Citation page, filmed videos, edited the website, and created the class policy and action plan page.

Our Project Citizen............

This is Lily J.

Lily: I did all of the video editing, I wrote every script, I brought the camera, I came up with the ideas.  I also get credit for editing this website. I also made our YouTube account. I researched the bracelets and wrote the proposal for them.

Stop Bullying Now Group!

This is Sarah C. and Sammi L.

Sarah: I found the non student made videos and filmed some of our videos and played roles in the videos. I also edited the possible solutions page and researched the possible solutions.

Sammi: I made the whole 6th grade handout. Instead, of making a handout, I thought it would be more intriguing to make a brochure. In the brochure I defined both the definition of bullying and cyber bullying.It explained some examples and effects of the situation. I also played roles in all videos.  I helped out with some possible solutions.