Stop Bullying Now!

Class Policy and Action Plan

Title: Handout for incoming sixth graders
Summary: We will create a brochure online then print them out and give them to sixth graders to show how harmful bullying truly is.
Proposal: We are going to make a handout for the incoming sixth graders.
    1) They create a brochure online.
    2) They print the brochure - 1 for each incoming student.
    3) At the assembly at the beginning of the year (that only the sixth graders attend) they hand out the brochure on their way in.
    4) During the assembly, they have a short yet meaningful discussion about the brochure.
Cost Analysis: The cost to do this would not be very expensive. All they would need to pay for is printer ink and paper.
Constitutional: Yes.
Assessment: This might not be very effective. Depending on how pretty the handout is will determine who will open it.

Title: Anonymous online site to report bullying
Summary: We will create an online website where people can talk about their feelings and how they have been bullied.
Proposal: We are creating an online blogging site to help people talk about their feelings about bullying.
    1)  Find a website where you can create a free blog.
    2)  Create the blog and publish it
    3)  Advertise it around the school
    4)  Monitor the site one every other day.
Cost Analysis: This has no cost or very little cost. Depending on the website you use to create the blog will determine the price.
Constitutional? Yes, we are not breaking any laws.
Assessment:  This could be effective depending on how many students blog about how they feel. If no one blogs, the website would have no meaning.

Title: Anti-Bullying Wristbands
Summary: We will sell bullying wristbands to students and staff around Elm Place Middle School. People will wear this to show that they support bullying and are trying to help stop it.
Proposal: Purchase bullying wristband to sell around Elm Place.
  1. Find a website that sells wristbands
  2. Make and design the bracelets 
  3. Order the bracelets
  4. Sell around the school
Cost Analysis: This will be about the price of 79 cents per wristband
Constitutional: Yes, it is not breaking any laws. We are supporting bullying to help stop it.
Assessment: This could be effective only if people really wear the wristbands because they care. If they only wear them because their friends do, it won't     be effective.
Title: Anonymous Drop Box
Summary: A box where kids can put pieces of paper in that says that they have been victims of or witnessed bullying. It is totally anonymous.
Proposal: Make boxes for almost every hallway and tell people about it.
        1) Get about 20 cardboard boxes with a hole in the top.
        2) Tell people about it.

        3) Empty the box everyday and report bullying.
 Cost Analysis: It will not cost anything if we use recycled boxes and sheets of paper for kids to write on. 
Constitutional: Yes, it is constitutional becuase it isn't manditory. Assesment: This could be effective if people actually report bullying.